Limber in „bikeBoard”
2012-03-06 In newest issue of "bikeBoard" prestigious bicycle magazine you will find article about our brand and about our newest project of racing frame for some serious riding.

Frame was made 100% from carbon in tube-to-tube technology, the only alluminium elements are headset inside tube, bbset tube and derailleur hook. Don't hesitate to check full article on "bikeBoard".

Winter Marathon
2012-02-20 On Sunday January 15, 2012 Makow Mazowiecki was the host of the VII Winter MTB Marathon" Glory to the fallen.

Limber Team was represented by two riders: Przemek Kocyła and Bogdan Bachorskiego. Their rivals were 75 participants from all over the Poland. The marathon route was 43 km (two rounds) or halfmarathon - about 22 km (one lap) and led from Park Sapera throu Sportowa street to Grzanka forest and continue through Chyliny Lesne, Makowica, Bazaar to fininsh at the sports stadium.

Our team riders coped very well during the race. Both evaded the slippery surprises created by cold weather. Bogdan completed the race on 9th place in M30 category it allowed him to take 23 position in the Open classification. Przemek won in the M30 on distance of half marathon which allowed him to take 20th position in general classification on this distance. Congratulations to both competitors fo succesful openeing of the season! "

Limber Team
2011-12-15 Sunday trippers have already put their bikes away to garages. For them, the middle of December is more likely to be a sledge, snowboard, ski or “Home Alone” with Kevin season. In the mean time this year’s weather is playing tricks and instead of snow we have spring weather in December!

Well, nearly, cause temperature sometimes go below 10 degrees. These seem to be perfect conditions for Limber Team to prepare for a new season, not only in the gym or swimming pool, but also outdoors. That is why last Sunday I decided to accompany two of our team contestants during their bicycle training. The weather was great; the sun was shining and it was warming up our team members. They have chosen our nearby forests and hills to work on stamina and strength on riding up the hills and practice the ability to ride on sandy routs which are usual for Mazovia MTB Marathon. In the end, Przemek and Bogdan got really tired, had a small accident but finished thir training in fantastic moods.

You can not hide that further tests of prototype carbon frames for professional racing in MTB and XC, were not important. The equipment proved to be perfect again and its testing will be coming to an end soon. Possibly everyone of you will be able to assemble his vehicle using this perfect CRS frame very soon.

Limber is a bull’s eye
2011-12-15 Interview with Wojciech Milewski – pro sport Wejherowo

Zipp Experts: How was the last season? Were you affected by sales drop? Wojciech Milewski, Pro Sport Wejherowo: Last season was successful, however, (I will refer to our Polish tradition of rather pessimistic perception of the world) it could always be better… We recorded a moderate sales growth in both the bikes and accessories. So I think the 2011 season was ok but it is a history now, and all my activities concentrate on preparing for the next sales season to which everyone in the industry is looking forward.

Z.E. Why Limber bicycles? Many consider it as a new brand and not worth risking? W.M.: Initially I approached this Zipp idea skeptically. Well, even telling the truth, I thought that this is Zipp’s unnecessary concentration on other things instead of focusing on building stronger and stronger scooter brand. Finally they managed to convince me (it is Waldek Krupiński’s great merit) to buy a small amount of bicycles, which sold out very quickly. The hit, in my opinion, was MX 2.6 in low frame sizes and 24” juniors, which as one of a few on Polish market or the only one at the price of up to 1000zł, are composed of full Shimano Tourney drive– including shifters ST-EF! As far as the new Limber brand is concerned, it is probably not worth risking with a new, unknown brand some would say. I have about eight of those well known brands, but the bicycle market shapes the eternal law of demand and supply, and therefore I think that there is space for Limber, which with a good offer is able to beat its more or less known competitors. I took the risk … and definitely will buy Limber bikes for the next 2012 season.

Z.E. Do clients, to whom you recommend our bikes, have any doubts about buying our products? W.M. Of course they do, that is natural that we prefer to chose something we know than to risk (and it concerns not only Limber bikes). But the role of a seller is to present new bicycles, the differences between them and between the manufactures’ offers. The demand is huge. Great, well known international companies as well as our national bicycle companies with a stable position on the market offer many different models, different in terms of technology, colours, drive system, as well as prices. Despite this, Limber, with small steps, is entering the European bicycle market with its offer. One of the main reasons of Limber success is the fact that their bicycles are composed with Shimano parts, have got Tektro brakes and in general Limber avoids using cheap spare parts but still offers reasonable prices, lower than the comparable models’ of competitors . To be honest, for years (cause it has been 17 years of our presence in bicycle industry) I have been observing Polish bicycle market, the way it is changing, and I’m wondering how Limber will cope in the future.

Z.E. Limber presented new collection. What do you think about it? W.M. Your frames make good impression, but also the fact that you listen to the voices from the market and introduce small changes in bikes for 2012 season like colours or SCX 04 bicycle with this new, very low, adjusted for children’s height, frame. This year’s collection may turn out to be very successful, sell well and become an important part of the market which I wish Zipp and its brand in 2012.
News from the factory
2011-12-15 The end of the year is traditionally the time of increased production of our bikes. From assambly lines had already descended SCX04, MX 2.6 and GB 1.4.

Bikes are already available in good bicycle stores. In December new SC Sport and second part of MX 2.6 was produced. Many people can find their dreamed Limber bike under the X-mas tree.
Track cyclists crew in attack
2011-12-15 The Olympic crew of track cyclists supported by our company had a very busy end of season. In October at the Elite Europe Championship, the team consisting of Maciej Bielecki, Damian Zieliński and Kamil Kuczyński won a bronze medal in the main competition of team sprint.

After a short recovery, another stage of World Chempionship took place at the beginning of November (4-6/11) in Kazakh Astan where our cyclists placed 8th. After coming back to Poland, they only have time for a short rest and soon after, they were landing at the other end of the world to take 6th position as a team in a next edition of World Championship in Cali in Columbia.

Individually in the Keirin final, Kamil Kuczyński was 6th and Damian Zieliński was 8th in sprint. After this Championship the team moved to Medellin, where till 22nd of December a cardiovascular training at the height of 2100 m.a.s.l is going to take place. In the coming year we will also be following the progress of our track cyclists who are fighting to qualify to the Olympics.

We believe to see the sportsmen supported by Limber at London’s arenas.
BCM Novatex Ziemia Darłowska
2011-12-15 Young women cyclists from Ziemia Darłowska who are supported by Limber have finished officially 2011 season. It was a very successful season – they won Polish Club Championship and remain on the top of the podium for six years now.

They won 30 medals at Polish Championships, 9 at Macro region Championships which contribute to their great success. But they were not only winning in Poland, they were also very successful abroad. Club representatives took 6th position in World Track Cycling Championship and 8th position at Europe Championship in the Ominium competition, as well as 14th place in Road World Championship.

Due to Zipp Scooters Ltd and Limber brand support, cyclists from Ziemia Darłowska could take part in 250 days of trainings, including 80 days of taking part in competitions. In this time each of them did nearly 18.000 km. Cyclists with their expert advice had a great influence on Limber bicycles development. For the new season we wish them to be at the podium of the most important competitions at least as often as in the last season.
2011-09-22 Za nami Mistrzostwa Świata na szosie w Kopenhadze. W piątek odbył się wyścig juniorek z udziałem naszych zawodniczek Alicji Komoś oraz Katarzyny Kirschenstein. Na 14 miejscu wyścig ukończyła Kasia a po kraksie i pogoni przez niemal cały wyścig na 66 pozycji zakończyła zmagania Ala.
Aby przybliżyć przebieg zmagań poniżej przedstawiamy Państwu kilka artykułów ze sportowych portali internetowych opisujących przebieg wyścigu...


Kopenhaga 2011: 14. miejsce Katarzyny Kirschenstein Brytyjka Lucy Garner wywalczyła złoty medal podczas mistrzostw świata w kolarstwie szosowym w wyścigu ze startu wspólnego juniorek. Z dobrej strony pokazała się Katarzyna Kirschenstein, która zajęła 14. miejsce. Na 100 metrów przed metą Polka jechała jeszcze na pozycji medalowej. Niewiele zabrakło, a cieszylibyśmy się z podium. - Na ostatnim zakręcie byłam jeszcze trzecia i trzymałam się Rosjanki. Wtedy jednak nasze rywalki zaczęły nas mijać i nie wytrzymałam do końca - powiedziała na mecie Kirschenstein.
Zawodniczki miały do przejechania 70 kilometrów, w których skład weszło pięć rund po niespełna czternaście kilometrów. Na liście startowej znalazły się 74 zawodniczki, w tym cztery Polki - Katarzyna Kirschenstein, Alicja Komoś, Katarzyna Niewiadoma i Katarzyna Wilkos.

Już na pierwszym okrążeniu pecha miała Alicja Komoś, który wskutek kraksy została minutę za peletonem. Jechała razem z nią Białorusinka Marina Szmajankowa. W innej kraksie natomiast ucierpiała złota medalistka w jeździe indywidualnej na czas, Australijka Jessica Allen. Nie były to jedyne kraksy tego dnia, swoje żniwo zebrał także wiatr, przez co z peletonu odpadały kolejne zawodniczki, jednak spora część z nich zdołała w końcówce dojechać do grupy zasadniczej.

W końcówce finisz z grupy około 40 zawodniczek wygrała Brytyjka Lucy Garner, wyprzedzając Jessy Druyts z Belgii i Dunkę Christinę Siggaard. Najlepiej z Polek zaprezentowała się Katarzyna Kirschenstein, która była czternasta. Katarzyna Niewiadoma była 25., Katarzyna Wilkos 33., a Alicja Komoś 66.


Brytyjka Lucy Garner wywalczyła w Kopenhadze po finiszu z peletonu tytuł mistrzyni świata juniorek w kolarskim wyścigu ze startu wspólnego. Srebrny medal zdobyła Belgijka Jessy Druyts a na najniższym stopniu podium stanęła reprezentantka gospodarzy Christinie Siggaard. Do mety dojechały wszystkie cztery Polki, z których najlepsza Katarzyna Kirschenstein (BCM Nowatex Uzdrowisko Dąbki Ziemia Darłowska) zajęła 14 miejsce.
W zasadniczej grupie do mety dojechały jeszcze Katarzyna Niewiadoma (WLKS Krakus BBC Czaja Kraków), która zajęła 25 miejsce i Katarzyna Wilkos (FM Poltino Azalia Brzóza Królewska), którą sklasyfikowano na 33 miejscu. Z większą stratą linię mety minęła Alicja Komoś, która brała udział w kraksie i ostatecznie minęła linię mety na 66 miejscu. W tej samej kraksie co zawodniczka z Darłowa udział brała także mistrzyni świata w jeździe na czas Australijka Jessica Allen, która wycofała się z wyścigu.

Reprezentantki Polski jechały czujnie a zgodnie z zaleceniami trenera Marcina Adamowa biało-czerwone koszulki widać było z przodu peletonu. Jeszcze na 300 metrów przed metą nasze młode zawodniczki próbowały rozprowadzenia na finisz i zarówno Katarzyna Wilkos jak i Katarzyna Kirschenstein zajmowały medalowe pozycje, jednak w samej końcówce zostały wyprzedzone przez rywalki.

Warto wspomnieć, że dla naszych zawodniczek ścigających się głównie w kraju był to jeden z pierwszych poważnych pojedynków z międzynarodową konkurencją. Wynik z tegorocznych mistrzostw Europy i świata oraz dobra postawa Polek pokazuje, że w dziewczyny naprawdę warto zainwestować.

1. Lucy Garner (Wielka Brytania) 1:46:17
2. Jessy Druyts (Belgia)
3. Christina Siggaard (Dania)
4. Manon Souyris (Francja)
5. Christina Perchtold (Austria)
6. Sheyla Gutierrez Ruiz (Hiszpania)
7. Lisa Küllmer (Niemcy)
8. Beatrice Bartelloni (Włochy)
9. Kelly Markus (Holandia)
10. Silvija Latozaite (Litwa)
14. Katarzyna Kirschenstein (Polska)
25. Katarzyna Niewiadoma (Polska)
33. Katarzyna Wilkos (Polska)
66. Alicja Komoś (Polska) 15:20


Brytyjka, Lucy Garner wywalczyła w Kopenhadze tytuł mistrzyni świata juniorek! Najlepiej z Polek, spisała się Katarzyna Kirschenstein, która uplasowała się na 14. pozycji! Przed południem, o medale walczyły juniorki. Najmłodsze uczestniczki mistrzostw, miały do pokonania 5 rund po 14 km każda. Profil był lekko pofałdowany. Ostatni kilometr unosił się lekko pod górę. Nachylenie na tym odcinku wynosiło około 4 %. Najwyższy punkt trasy został wytyczony na wysokości 59 metrów n.p.m, podczas gdy najniższy miał 17 m.n.p.m.

Wyścig był bardzo nerwowy. Zawodniczki pchały się do przodu, z obawy na mocny boczny wiatr. Przez to, w kraksie ucierpiała Alicja Komoś (BCM Nowatex -Uzdrowisko Dąbki Ziemia Darłowska). Do ostatnich dwóch kilometrów, wydawało się, że o złoto walczyć będzie aktualna, podwójna Mistrzyni Europy – Włoszka Rosella Ratto oraz brązowa medalistka z czasówki, Niemka Meika Kroger. Duet został jednak złapany na około 600 m przed końcem.

O zwycięstwo walczyła ponad 30 osobowa grupka. Najlepiej finiszowała Brytyjka Garner, która pokonała Belgijkę Jessy Druyts oraz Dunkę Christine Siggaard.

Katarzyna Kirschenstein (BCM Nowatex - Uzdrowisko Dąbki Ziemia Darłowska) znalazła się na 14. pozycji, Katarzyna Niewiadoma (WKLS Krakus BBC Czaja) była 25. Pod koniec czołowej grupki zameldowała się Katarzyna Wilkos (Azalia Brzóza Królewska). Dało jej to 33. lokatę. Obolała Ala Komoś, przyjechała z ponad 15 minutową stratą do zwyciężczyni. Polka ukończyła swoje pierwsze mistrzostwa świata na 66. miejscu.
2011-09-22 And there came the day of the first seriouS presentation of our Special bike. It was not a trade fair, show or exhibition but a real race of mountain bikes. For those who do not know - such a race means narrow paths in forests, mud, dirt and dust which cause shivers on one’s back at the mere mention.

I (Przemek) and bogdan bachorski took the challenge. Our first race in Limber Team colours took place in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki.

Mazovia MTb Marathon is a series of most popular, among amateurs, off-road racings. It is organized by Cezary Zamana - the last polish person who won our greatest national race Tour de Pologne. Everyone who has got a bike and good intentions is allowed to take part in this marathon.

In Nowy Dwór 1280 contestants started the race. With such a great number of cyclists the start was divided into 11 sectors let with a 1 minute break between them. As I had not taken part in this contest before, I was assigned to the last sector and had to wait for my turn for 10 minutes. bogdan, the more experienced one, went in the second sector.

My target was very simple - to start and to finish the race. There is a choice as well - to finish the shortest distance - FIT, or the longer one - MEGA. bogdan rides the longer one, I have a choice.

But right after the start I felt the competitive spirit, and despite the reason saying to calm down I could not let it happen. And that is why after a fifth kilometer I could already feel a wrong power distribution. What was happening during the race - I could not remember. The answer to the question about the distance I was going to go I gave on the start already, I could only do the FIT. As for a first time I think it was a success, as I finished on 45th position in my age category, and 174 in an open one. It gave me the promotion from the eleventh to the seventh sector. Bogdan took 101st position in M3 category on the Mega distance. In the Open classification he was 244th. CRS’s debut we can remember as successful. both we and our machines ended up in good condition.
Women cyclists from Darłowo speed up with liMber brand
2011-06-27 Limber, a prestigious brand producing bikes is going to support contestants from cycling club from Darłowo. Having such a brand as a sponsor the club members from Darłowo can be sure that their participations in competitions are going to speed up.

We are mainly trying to focus on the young sportsmen, who are just beginning their cycling careers – says Piotr Warakomski – the chairman of limber - nobody else but them are the future of polish cycling. We are very proud that we can not only contribute to the development of women cyclists from this club but also promote cycling in Poland. Active lifestyle, sports and passions’ development are the limber employees basic values that underlie them in everyday life and which they are trying to promote whenever and wherever possible. it is not a surprise than, that limber offers a wide range of bikes from which everyone can choose something for themselves regardless of age, abilities or wealth.

Limber bikes’ users appreciate their bikes’ durability and functionality. the best quality of shimano components guarantees safety and comfort. We are aware of how important it is to adjust a bike to the needs of a user and that is why we care that the client can rely on us at every stage says the chairman Piotr Warakomski. the cyclists from the club in darłowo can be sure that their new sponsor shares the same passion for bikes as they do.
2011-06-22 Hi. It is already after the competition. A short report from Chełmno. Briefly Veni, Vidi, Vici and how it was: around 19 June 2011 the first start in triathlon, wondering how it’s going to be. The road to Chełmno went quickly, I’m coming, and there with two hours left to start, everybody is already prepared and ready.

The starting number picked up, I listen to all information about the terms and conditions, change clothes and we are getting ready to start. I’m excited and at the same time a bit nervous, will I manage? Can I do it? Will I manage to reach the destination? Will the equipment last? Many thoughts, too many … so 10:00 – we are going to the water and … start, go to the first buoy to the maximum of my strength to outrun the crowd of 45 people in the water and all swimming in the same direction. It is going to be a mess.

I choose a space on the right although it is going to be a bit further, but less people. 3,2,1 … START I jumped in the water, I’m swimming as fast as I can and then suddenly somebody swims into me, somebody hits me with a leg, what the f… is going on, it is impossible to swim, then to the maximum to outrun again, somebody swims into me, now I swim into somebody. Ok, the atmosphere got a bit more relaxed, but … where am I? Where is the second buoy? I can’t see anything, how am I supposed to swim? I descended from the course, I guess, I am following one guy, but is he swimming in the right direction? Well, I swim and swim but where is the second buoy where is the half way point, the breath became a bit calmer, but I still can’t see the buoy, well I swim, there is the buoy, 750 meters done, now back, just need to be careful not to swim into somebody going in the opposite direction, so I’m going a bit to the right again and following that guy but he seems to be descending from the course, well straight to the front, where is this finish, I can’t see anything again, ok, there is the pier, there is only 200 meters left, ok, the shore, I come out of the water 1500 meters behind me, I’m 6th, wow it is really good, something is wrong with my legs, I can’t walk, I have to take the wet suit off, ok it is done, I have to wear a T-shirt now, doesn’t want to fit, the body is to wet, it got stuck, ready, now shoes, look the girl came out of the water and has changed already, and the coach was saying ‘swim in a T-shirt’, well, don’t forget the helmet and go to the rest area of Bikes, I jump on the bike, oh where is my breath, something is wrong with me but I ride 3km, 5 km, oh the hill, one turn and another, and the hill doesn’t finish, I am exhausted, what is going on? I don’t know if I will I manage? Some cyclists took me over, f … hill, oh, there is the end, now quickly, only three laps left, from lap to lap it is getting better, the breath is back, the speed is back, the hill is not as scary as before, quickly, the last lap 41 km behind me. Ok I need to concentrate, the most difficult stage, there is the zone of bicycles change, I change the shoes and go, I run well, 500 meters behind me, what’s wrong again? Pain, but what is going on? Stitch F*CK, I can’t do this, what should I do? I haven’t practiced this. The answer ‘breath’, what an advice, wow, I’m breathing, ok, it got a bit better, let’s go. The guys in front of me have got good speed, I have no chance, run, run, ok, another hill, I run, I run, trot, trot, now I tramp, I tramp, ok the end of this hill, I stopped thinking, I just run, just move my legs, no more of this hill, half way, some water and here we go again, 5 more kilometers, will I manage? Will my legs withstand this effort? Now down the hill, I will slow down a bit cause my joints need to survive, oh this guy next to me is flying not running down this hill, but a half of me weights 60 kg, do what you’re supposed to do, Łukasz, do what you’re supposed to do, the last straight stage, 3 km left, and there it is, I can see the finish, wow great, I am speeding up, I can do it, it is good 3:09:00, not bad, 18th position, good result as for a beginner. Ok, moment for breathing, and is this it? I can’t relax, I am full of energy, extremely happy, it’s really good, I did it, great, well done, the goal achieved, and what now, easy, more training and Poland championship in Górzno on 30 July, and the target to go below 3 minutes. Fingers crossed and thank you.

P.S. It’s not a secret that in the heavy weight group 90+ -i was the first.

Regards Łukasz

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